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3 Investments Worth Considering During the COVID Era

Posted by sadmin on 23rd May 2020
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The COVID era is certainly affecting the American economy and lifestyle. People are staying home, avoiding social groupings and trying to find ways to survive. During this period of isolation, people may still have a chance to earn some extra cash. In fact, this may be one of the best opportunities to try something new. Here are three investments that are worth a look.

1. Buy Stocks

Yes, the market seems volatile right now. However, that also means that some stocks are low, lower than they have been in a while. Start reading up on which companies are growing. In addition, research which ones are becoming promising on the horizon, working to develop home factories and convert their product line to something valuable in today’s world. Those could be signs of a potential come back.

2. Acquire Property

Homes haven’t really dipped in price. Plus, they’re still moving. While that hasn’t budged, the current interest rate has drastically changed, giving buyers a chance to save on long term interest. Get online and consider finding out more about buying real estate Forks WA. You could upgrade from your current place or simply acquire something for rental down the road. People need places to stay. Keeping the monthly payment small could be beneficial to both landlord and tenant.

3. Invest in a Direct Sales Company

In the past, people may have scoffed at the in-home sales gig. With so many people not entering stores, though, this avenue might just prove lucrative. Several companies exist that allow you to sell on social media, hosting parties in your pajamas. It permits for social distancing and may just make a bit of extra cash. Focuses range from home cleaning products to make up. Select one that fits your personality, and have fun introducing it to your friends.

Make use of this downtime to think of something different. Your effort now could prove productive down the road.