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3 Specialized Types of Plastic and Their Uses

Posted by sadmin on 29th March 2020
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Plastic is everywhere you look. The human race produces 300 million tons of plastic every year for a massive variety of purposes. The plastic production industry reaches almost every other industry there is in some way since plastic is so widely used. Here are three types and uses of plastic that you might not normally think about.

High-Density Polyethylene

Not all plastic is created equal. While the plastic you come into contact with regularly is strong, high-density polyethylene is stronger. Manufacturers achieve this by packing the molecules of the material closer together. A plastic manufacturing company Conway AR can use this plastic for stronger products that have to withstand harsher materials that are acidic or otherwise hazardous.

Polyvinyl Chloride

More commonly known as PVC, polyvinyl chloride plastic is what people use for pipes for the plumbing in their houses and other buildings. PVC is very easy to craft into any shape, so it is often used in making furniture and clothing in addition to the water and sewage pipes most people know them for.


While people normally think of plastic as easily meltable, polypropylene is actually highly resistant to heat. That being said, it is not impossible to melt, as it is commonly used in its melted form. It is also safe to come in contact with food, so it is often used in food trays, water bottle caps, and surgery supplies. At high temperatures, it can be easily molded into almost any plastic object, which is why it is also becoming useful for 3D-printing.

Plastic has so many different forms and uses that people have discovered over the years. It’s no wonder that humans produce so much of this easily moldable and adaptable material every year because it allows people in every industry to create whatever they need to achieve their goals.