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3 Things To Do Before Moving out of Your House

Posted by sadmin on 20th December 2021
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Selling a house comes with a lot of steps: from accepting an offer to withstanding an inspection and lining up paperwork, there’s a lot to consider. Once it comes time to close on a house sale, it’s important to make sure you’ve taken all the right steps before you sign the documents. Here are three major things to consider before you make your move.

1. Clean Up

It should go without saying, but you don’t want to leave your buyers with a dirty house. Whether you clean yourself or hire move out cleaning services Portage MI, make sure you’ve covered all of your cleaning bases. Don’t forget that pesky top of the fridge! Cleaning your home before your big move shows respect to the next residents and saves you from potential fees and even litigation.

2. Pack up

Everyone knows you need to pack your belongings to move out of your house, but the real question is when to do it. A good rule of thumb is to have everything at least packed, if not completely moved out, by the final walkthrough with the buyers. This walkthrough usually happens no more than two days before closing.

3. Save Up

You’ve probably worked with your lender, seller, bank and other financial entities to figure out the profits and costs behind selling your house, but be careful: there’s probably something you overlooked. Homebuying, home selling and moving are expensive and contain lots of hidden costs. The more you have saved up, the easier it will be to absorb these unexpected expenses.

Remember: your move isn’t over until the last document is signed and the last box is set down. Make sure you’re prepared because selling and moving can be tricky business. With this list, you’ll be ready to tackle anything your home move can throw at you.