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3 Types of Fire Safety Equipment

Posted by sadmin on 23rd May 2020
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A fire in your business can cause injury or death for employees and customers and bring your business operations to a screeching halt. Installing the right fire safety equipment can reduce your chances of having a fire or mitigate the amount of damage caused when a fire occurs. Consider installing these three types of fire safety equipment.

1. Kitchen Suppression Systems

Kitchens are one of the most frequent sources of building fires. A kitchen hood Rockland County, NY can be installed that is capable of detecting fire and using wet chemicals to starve the fire of oxygen and put it out quickly. These systems can also be set up to automatically shut off the gas line to the stove when a fire is detected. Additionally, the hoods can remove smoke from the room. The benefit of this system is that it can quickly douse fires before they spread to other areas of the kitchen.

2. Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are hand-held, pressurized cylinders that contain some type of fire-smothering agent. These devices can be used to quickly put out small fires, such as a fire in a wastebasket. They can be effective for keeping small fires from spreading and turning into large fires but should not be used to combat fires that have already spread to walls and ceilings or large areas of the building.

3. Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems are usually installed in the ceiling and are required by law in many types of commercial buildings. Sprinkler systems can automatically detect where a fire is occurring and dispense water in the area. Because the sprinkler heads are individually activated, they can be effective for both small and large fires.

Fire safety is important for any commercial building. These three fire safety systems can help protect your business from fire risks.