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A Small Vessel

Posted by sadmin on 2nd August 2018
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The bathroom sink is essential because it’s where you brush your teeth, wash your hands, and perform other hygienic functions that aren’t performed in the shower or tub. Most bathrooms have simple white sinks with basic faucets. However, there are a few designs to consider if you want to spice up the bathroom and add a bit of color and style. When you’re looking at bathroom sinks in Orlando FL stores, you should consider the measurements of the counter as well as the plumbing associated with the sink. If you currently have a single sink, then you might need to add another small plumbing line under the sink if you want to add a double one.

Marble counters that surround a white sink offer a touch of elegance in any home. Combine the marble with wooden cabinets and gray or dark flooring for a contemporary style in the bathroom of any home. An option to consider if you want an industrial look in the bathroom is to use concrete counters and a concrete sink. Two faucets and a deep well give the classic industrial look for the bathroom, especially if there are a lot of gray undertones and wood accents in the room already. If a charming design is more what you have in mind, then consider a pedestal sink. This design is also ideal for smaller bathrooms that don’t have a lot of space for a sink that is set in a large counter. The pedestal sink is also an idea to consider if the bathroom is used by more females or if you want a rustic appearance in the bathroom. Incorporate the colors of your bathroom on the sink with accents along the sides and along the base. You can also add intricate details along the edges of the sink and the sides that blend with the other designs that are in the room.