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Choosing a Roofing Contractor

Posted by sadmin on 1st July 2020
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Your roof defends your home against the elements and is one of the largest and most expensive home projects you will undertake. Therefore, choose a trustworthy professional to do your roofing work. These tips will help you determine when to call a roofing contractor reno and how to choose a great one, including researching, meeting and contracting the roofing contractor.


You need a licensed professional if your roof needs repairs, maintenance, inspection or replacement. However, do not schedule roofing work during rainy or snowy seasons due to slipping hazards.


The first step in choosing a great contractor is research, starting with the average price and best roofing materials for your area. Then, seek references from local homeowners or contractors.

After you have narrowed your research to no fewer than three contractors, verify their credentials, licensing and insurance, including liability and workers’ compensation. Confirm that each contractor has a local address and phone number.

Contact the Better Business Bureau and local chamber of commerce to identify any complaints against the contractor. You may also check their customer satisfaction ratings on home review sites.


Next, meet with the contractor at your home to determine the scope of your project, including the removal of the old roof and replacement of flashing and drip edge. The contractors should present you with materials options, timelines and labor requirements.

Ask about their training, certifications and safety programs. Learn how they will protect your gutters and landscaping and handle waste. Find out if a warranty is offered. Will you be able to communicate with someone onsite? Does the contractor have contingencies for weather delays?

Observe the contractors for professionalism, knowledge and excitement about the job. Ask for and verify at least three local references.

Written Documentation

Get detailed estimates, contracts and warranties in writing. Get copies of permitting and insurance documentation. Ask about a lien waiver to protect you in case the roofers do not pay their vendors.

After you determine you need a licensed roofer, contract the best by doing your research, meeting prospective roofers, and getting everything in writing.