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Common Reasons To Survey A Land

Posted by sadmin on 29th October 2022
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Surveying land is essential in buying property, especially if you plan to expand your home. Most people have an idea of where their property begins and ends, but there are times when property lines are not visible or have moved. For these reasons, a Buford land title survey is necessary to gain accurate knowledge about your property ownership.

Expanding A Home

Land surveys are a necessary part of real estate due diligence. While lenders rarely require one as part of the closing process, they are crucial for buyers and sellers. If you plan to build a new home or expand an existing one, you should have your land surveyed. In addition to ensuring your property is not infringed on, a survey will also reveal any encroachments or unrecorded easements.

Having a land survey is especially important when you plan to build an addition to your home or add on to it. It will help you determine whether you are making in the correct location and whether the property is the right size. It will also help you choose the property’s boundaries and how much land is included. Having the proper documentation is essential for both your legal rights and the happiness of your prospective buyers.

Resolving Boundary Disputes With Neighbors

If you’re surveying land, you might encounter disputes between you and your neighbor over the property lines. It’s essential to resolve these disputes before they escalate into a lawsuit. In some cases, it’s possible to reach an agreement with your neighbor without involving an attorney. For example, if you’re concerned about a neighbor trespassing on your property, you can use a cease and desist letter to make the other party aware of your rights. You can also work with an attorney to draw up a deed to explain your property’s boundaries. It would help if you filed this deed with the county recorder’s office.

The simplest way to resolve boundary disputes with neighbors when surveying a property is to negotiate a written agreement to acknowledge your recorded property lines. This is a more straightforward method than filing a lawsuit and possibly ending up re-subdividing your land.

Buying A New Home

A survey is required in most states if you plan to build a new home. It can help you determine the size of the plot and set the price accordingly. It can also help you in the negotiation process. For example, you can negotiate a lower price by knowing how much space the property offers. The survey is also helpful in establishing drainage systems.

Another important reason to survey the land is to determine the exact boundaries of the property. A land survey will show the precise lines of the property and any utilities that may be running through it. It will also tell you about any easements on the land. If you buy a new property, you can also have the survey performed for insurance purposes.

Getting A New Survey

When purchasing a property, getting a new survey is very important. Not only will it help you to confirm the legal description of the property, but it will also reveal any existing easements or rights of way. A survey is also essential if you plan on building a permanent structure on the property.

An excellent way to determine if a property has a previous survey is to go to the city building department or land recorder’s office. These offices have an extensive database of prior land surveys and can significantly help determine the property’s boundary.

Buying A Subdivision

Land surveys are helpful for a variety of purposes. They help you understand the boundaries of your property and identify the exact location of buildings, driveways, and other improvements. They can also help you negotiate for a lower price. Surveys are required by most states when you are buying new land or building a house. Land surveys show the location of easements, building setbacks, and other restrictions that can affect future development. They also provide a written deed description for your property.