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Tips to Learning to Learning How to Delegate

Posted by sadmin on 28th December 2020
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Learning to delegate is not easy for every leader. Some people subscribe to the theory that if you want something done right, you must do it yourself. This kind of thinking can wear you down, however. If you want to be a great leader without exhausting yourself, you must learn to delegate.

Decide What You Really Need To Do

The main job of a leader is to have a vision and a plan for handling big picture items. Minor decisions and systems can be put in place by subordinates. Evaluate yourself honestly to understand what skills you possess that led you to your position of authority. If you’re great at home design, you may need to hand over the nuts and bolts of kitchen cabinet assembly Seattle to someone else. Likewise, if you excel at party planning, let someone else blow up the balloons. Even though you may have gotten your start doing the small stuff, sometimes you need to let it go in favor of running the show.

Become a Teacher

A great delegator is also a great teacher because they never give a job to someone who can’t handle it. It may take a bite out of your busy day and you may be able to do it faster yourself, but ultimately, you will be happier if you spend the time teaching a team member how to perform a specific task. In the beginning, build in extra time to double-check everyone’s work. Once your team has proven themselves, you’ll be able to delegate jobs with impunity.

Request Feedback

When you’re a new team leader, it’s essential to take a moment of reflection after an assignment is completed. Request honest feedback from your team about what went well and what should be done differently for the next job or event. Take notes A good leader is always looking for ways to improve.

A leader who delegates wisely creates a high-functioning team. Everyone feels skilled and trusted. The surest way to ruin that kind of culture is by micromanaging everyone else’s jobs.