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3 Key Tips To Make Your Landscaping Unique

Posted by sadmin on 25th June 2020
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Do you feel as if your home’s landscape doesn’t stand out from the rest of the neighborhood? With the right outdoor improvements, you can enhance the appearance of your landscape, and your home as a whole. Here are three techniques to try to make your landscaping look unique.

1. Plant Climbers

Evergreen and annual climbers can be used to conceal or change the look of any eyesores in your landscaping. Some climbing plants will need extra support in the form of a trellis or wires. If you have an eyesore like a dead tree that you can’t remove on your property, cut away the branches, leaving only the trunk standing. Grow a climbing plant over the tree and add wire supports, if necessary. The density of the climber’s growth should hide the trunk.

2. Install a Pergola

A pergola adds instant height and visual interest to a garden and can provide an attractive area for vertical planting. You can purchase a pre-made pergola or build one yourself for a custom look. Surround your new pergola with plenty of foliage and flowers – climbing plants are especially effective when planted near a pergola, as well. The vegetation may take a few years to reach peak growth, but the final effect will be worth the effort and the wait!

3. Create a Water Feature

Consider adding a water feature to personalize your yard. Even if you only have a small amount of free space in your yard, you’ll still be able to install a miniature pond. Raised ponds are ideal for smaller spaces, because they are less dangerous than ponds that are at ground level. Build a raised border around your pond using concrete or masonry and be sure to consult aquatic weed control specialists to keep the water healthy and beautiful.

Flex your green thumb and make these improvements to your garden. By following these tips, you’ll wow your friends and neighbors with your landscaping talent!