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4 Reasons You’ll Love a Metal Roof

Posted by sadmin on 21st June 2021
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Replacing your old roof comes with a lot of decisions. Should you go with asphalt shingles or metal? What color will look best? If you want your roof to look good as well as protect your home, metal is an excellent choice. Here are four reasons you’ll love a metal roof.

It’ll Be Your Last Roof

One of the most common reasons people fall in love with metal roofing Daytona Beach is that it can last upwards of forty years. That means it will likely be the last roof you ever need to install. Metal is strong enough to weather the worst storms so unless you want a new color in the future, metal is a keeper!

You Can Pick a Cool Color

Just because all houses need roofs doesn’t mean they have to be boring. When you select a metal roof, you can pick from a variety of cool colors with one to accentuate your home’s paint scheme. Plus, you can get metal roofing in traditional sheets or made to look like ceramic tiles or shingles.

Metal Is Fire-Resistant

Another positive characteristic of metal roofing is that it’s fire-resistant. This is a benefit for any homeowner and if you live in an area prone to wildfires, your roof will resist floating embers. Metal also does not attract lightning any more than other materials. 

You’ll Save on Your Energy Bill

Everyone wants to save on their power bill and a metal roof will help you do just that. Many people think metal roofs hold in heat, but due to a special coating, they reflect the sunlight away. This will save you money on your electric bill.

If you’re still undecided about what type of roof to install on your home, consider metal. It’s trendy, fire-resistant and best of all, it lasts for decades.