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How to Choose Top-Quality Engineered Wood Floor

Posted by sadmin on 4th April 2022
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Are you searching for a high-quality engineered wooden floor but do not have a way forward on how to achieve that? Well, you are not alone. Many people are left wondering what factors they should consider when choosing their wood floor. All the same, in the real estate industry, markets have shifted and customers are demanding homes with custom-engineered wood floors. The wood floors have had an increased value and everyone is making a run for it. However, choosing the right engineered wood flooring is key to ensuring that you give your home real value. These five times here will assist you;

Check the Lengths You Need for Your Floors

You will need to measure your home to identify the length of the engineered wood floor you will purchase. Take note of the plank width, which is really important to the quality of your flooring. All the dimensions must also be measured to give the home the look you desire. Generally, choose planks with a width that is about 2 feet in length. If shorter, it can ruin the measurements and arrangement of your floor, especially for larger rooms. To be accurate, consult a professional designer or specialized company who would like engineered oak Denver CO-based to do it for you.

Careful of Species of Floors

The choice of the species on the engineered wood floors matters. Different species provide a variety of qualities. Each type of engineered hardwood floor specie offers specific advantages depending on the climate or the rooms you will use it in. For example, white oak has a custom stained texture and color. Others, such as the Hickory, is naturally sensitive to moisture but can be used in place of high traffic because it wears uniformly. Another one is the Black walnut, a very durable kind with an attractive look and fits in almost any setup.

Choose an Incomplete Flooring to have a Befitting Match

Many people used to only buy engineering hardwood that is halfway to the end. Currently, anyone can purchase unfinished planks of wood and create an engineered hardwood floor. An unfinished flooring presents itself as a good choice because it helps you control every aspect of your floor finishing. You could as well create a matching kitchen cabinet.

Select Top Quality Core

After completion of the engineered wood floor, it will be impossible to see the underside, but this should not be the reason for choosing a low-quality core. In fact, your core determines greatly the quality of the wood flooring.

Stay away from Thin Planks

Generally speaking, why would you go for a thin plank for an engineered hardwood floor? Thickness dictates the quality of your hardwood floor. The thicker the planks, it means your wood will be much stronger. Some would say thicker planks are costly, but you would rather invest more now than get back to repair in a couple of months to come because of the inferior quality of hardwood floors.

If you want to use engineered wood for a home, try to use the above factors. They will help you with getting the top quality flooring.