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How to cover the roof with your own hands

Posted by sadmin on 11th October 2021
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Any building material, including roofing, is not eternal and has a certain useful life, after which the owner of the building is faced with the need for a new roof overlay. Roofing material has a rather long service life, and probably since the installation of the previous roof have a significant number of decades, during which the market for building materials greatly enriched. In this article, let’s break down how to re-roof a private house with your own hands and how much it will cost.

The entire process of replacing the roof of the house with their own hands is divided into several steps:

  • Remove the old coating. This does not require any special skills, requires only the observance of caution: all work is carried out at height, materials such as slate or sheet iron can hurt those who are below.
  • Dismantling the roof is always carried out from top to bottom, that is, in the order of the reverse laying of the coating.
  • After removing the final coating, you should inspect the integrity of the rafter system, hydro-, vapor barrier material, insulation. If the roof has a leak, and there were holes, it is likely that the materials got wet, requiring replacement or renewal.

The same with the rafters, rafters – all rotten or damaged by insects elements should be removed: do not do overlapping roofs on the rafters or rafters with flaws, such work will soon require regular repairs.

Waterproofing, insulation is inspected, laid back, at the joints all glued with tape. Now you can take over the roof. Depending on the chosen material is different stacking technology, but the preliminary work is always similar.

The quality of any material decreases over time and the roof is no exception. And no matter whether the roof needs minor repairs or complete renovation, will have to deal with the overlaying of the roof.

If you decide to do by yourself, it is useful information on how to reroof the roof. To begin with we should decide on the material, time and availability of assistants, decide on the technology of replacement roofing and think about the main steps of the work.

The choice of roofing coverings

First of all we must decide: what to re-roof the roof of a private house? At the moment there are many different roof coverings with different characteristics. Consider the main ones: Metal tile of galvanized steel with a protective polymer coating is available in sheet form with imitation rows of ceramic tiles.

This is useful for a simple shape roof (eg, gable), but not suitable for constructions of complex shapes because of the large amount of waste. During rainfall, metal is quite noisy and therefore requires additional noise and thermal insulation. Cover the roof of the house with metal tilebystroym easily and quickly can be their own hands.

The material belongs to the medium price range. Similar characteristics, but a budget price, has a profiled sheeting, also produced in the form of sheets. This roofing coating is not highly decorative, but it is easy to install and does not require special care. By economical roofing options include ondulin, representing sheets of pressed cardboard impregnated with bitumen. The top layer of this material is covered with a mineral crumb, which protects it from moisture.


Ondulin easy to install with their own hands, even on complex designs, as easily and quickly cut. The disadvantages of the coating include rapid fading in the sun and high susceptibility to fire. Among the most expensive roofing materials refers to soft shingles, which is based on a glass fleece with the applied bitumen on one side and a mineral crumb on the other.

Coating is excellent protection from moisture, does not make noise in the rain, does not burn out in the sun. Flexible shingles quickly and easily installed even on roofs of complex designs, it is easy to cut. The disadvantages are quite a long laying process, which requires compliance with a number of conditions. Expensive pleasure for the roof will be ceramic tiles, made by firing natural clay and coated with a glaze.

This material has high performance characteristics: long life, the suppression of external noise, preservation of decorative appearance. However, the material has a lot of weight and you need to critically assess the condition of the foundation of the house and the rafter system itself on whether they can withstand such a load.

The master prepare the roof

Remember that the right roofing material – is half the success in the case of overlapping roofs. Determining the required amount of roofing material depends on the area of the roof, which is easy to calculate yourself. It is important to add to the resulting number of square meters of 10-15% due to laying roofs overlapping and up to 25% if the roof has a complex shape and will require frequent cutting of material.



This is one of the most popular coatings for the roof of the house. Good performance, large-format elements and an affordable price have established slate as an ideal option for low-cost construction. But there are a few things to consider:

Tip! If in the process of overlapping the roof with slate requires cutting a piece, it is easier to use a bolt cutter with a trimming disk


Widely sought-after material for the roof of the house.

Having a light weight, decking does not require load recalculation and additional strengthening of supporting elements. To make repairs to the roof is not difficult, you should know a few rules:

Important! Overlapping roofs are made from the bottom up, fixation is carried out with special self-tapping screws with a rubber gasket. It is categorically forbidden to scratch the surface of the painting – the layers of protection from corrosion are fragile, any scratch will cause irreparable damage.

The formation of the cavity will allow moisture to corrode the coating, which will lead to rusting, deformation of sheets Metal roofing over the roof of the house with metal, perhaps easier than any other material. Lightweight and practical material is easy to feed and install. Care should be taken about a solid crate, the remaining steps are similar to the above processes. How to properly overlap the roof with metal tiles:

Important! Joints and adjacencies require special care. To prevent moisture should take care about the sufficiency of waterproofing, tight adherence to each other soft-tile easy to work material has only one requirement: all work must be carried out at positive temperatures.

Covering the roof is carried out in the following order:

Important: Bitumen shingles are laid from the bottom up from the middle of the eaves, fastening – nails. Soft-sheet shingles is mounted back-to-back – fastening is carried out adhesive composition on the basis of bitumen shingles

Flexible shingles

Flexible shingles

To facilitate overlap and uniform distribution of shingles process should begin with the middle eaves. With shingles remove the protective film and glue it to the substrate. Then nailed to the edges. The best option is galvanized nails with sufficiently wide nail heads. The joints of the shingles should be closed tabs. If the project involves the presence of pipes, along the perimeter of the cutout shingles attached special bushings. Shingles should be glued overlapping at the ridge.

If there is a brick chimney that heats, it will be better to put a bar of triangular shape on the corner of the pipe and roof. At a distance of about 20 cm from the pipe, lay the underlay carpet, and put a special connector on the pipe. The gaps should be sealed with sealant. Ruberoid Practical, lightweight, convenient roll material is equally well suited for the renewal of the roof in a private home, outbuildings and other objects.

How to overlap the roof properly soft roll material:

Important! Overlapping roofs in a private home with Ruberoid requires double laying of rolls: the first layer is the bedding, the second – the final coating.

Thus a solid surface is created, protecting the structure from leaks, and rip a couple of layers by the wind will be problematic, as well as push it with snow, ice After laying the surface is smoothed by a roller to remove possible air bubbles – they are then converted into condensate and deform the coating. To facilitate the work you can take euroberoid – a material equipped with a protective film that serves as a temperature indicator. The rule of laying is simple: do not overheat the sheets, otherwise there will be a deformation of the coating.

Sheet steel

The advantage of renewal of the roof with this material in the ease of installation, regardless of the configuration of the roof. In the case of non-galvanized sheets, the paintings are treated with hot bitumen on both sides. Trim is arranged with a section of bars 50 * 50 mm, a step of 20 cm. You can install continuous crates with decking, laying design over linen or Ruberoid – materials that perform the functions of waterproofing.

The seamed roof is connected folds: the short side of the lying parts, with a long – standing. Klemmer fasten the roofing material to the sheathing and nailing 50 mm in length. Fastening is carried out only on the side of the base, the number of brackets on one sheet of at least 3 pieces. Overlap the roof seam material is made perpendicular to the ridge element, then only connect the paintings lying folds. When the process is complete, the paintings are fastened by means of brackets to the purlins. Completion of the ridge capping requires a double standing seam to join the covering of one row to the wall gutter.

Overhangs of eaves are supported by crutches, gutters on the wall structures are mounted on hooks, and the water drainage elements are attached stirrups. Re-roof the roof with his own hands can be, having patience and knowledge. You should choose in advance the materials for repair and correctly calculate the weight load. In the case of laying natural tiles or other heavy pieces, to strengthen the support system, and if we recoat the soft roof, these calculations are not required. Estimating the costs In conclusion, consider how much it costs to cover the roof in a private home. As we found out earlier, the largest amount of money required to purchase the roofing material. Knowing the area of the roof, it is easy to calculate how much it will cost to purchase, taking into account the reserve for joints and other possible cases.

It is important when planning expenses to consider the condition of the entire rafter system: if it requires repair or complete replacement, the cost will increase by at least 2-3 times. However, it is necessary and necessary expenses, as the quality of the rafter system directly depends on the service life of the roof. A possible item in the map of expenditure will attract hired help if you can not rely only on their strength. The cost of hired builders is quite high and therefore one of the main opportunities to save on the roof overlap is to perform all the work with their own hands.

Roofing – time-consuming and expensive enough process that is often not just reduced to the replacement of roofing. When planning this process it is important to seriously assess the status of the rafter system and to calculate in advance all the costs for the construction of a new roof. To date in construction, there are several types of roofs: Its advantages include the ability to save on roofing material and scaffolding, the ease and speed of construction, light weight.

Disadvantages: not very attractive appearance and lack of an attic or its small size. Its obvious advantages are its relatively low weight (compared, for example, with chetyrehvalmovoy), a fairly large attic space, the possibility of arranging an attic in the underlay area, as well as an attractive, harmonious appearance. This type of roof is heated by sunlight from both sides. Special disadvantages the roof does not have. One can only point to its relatively heavy weight and greater consumption of construction materials than the construction of a single-pitch roof. For a gable roof need ridge (a single-pitch he is not required) and gutters for rainwater drainage.

This type of roof is not very popular, since its erection – a rather complicated case, and to build a four-pitch roof with their own hands requires certain skills. The obvious advantages of this type of roofing include its aesthetic appearance, a large attic room. The possibility of four-sided heating makes the attic very warm. Among the disadvantages of this type should specify its large weight and, as already mentioned, the complexity of construction work. Learn all the details about the construction of the rafter system of a four-sided roof.And learn what kinds of polycarbonate for roofing and its characteristics you can here. The ideal choice for a multilevel building or a structure not quite rectangular in shape. It looks quite original, also fits harmoniously with almost any site. Combined type roof is much easier to build, since it can be built in separate sections: the first phase of work to cover under one slope of the terrace, located on the second floor, then over the bedrooms to raise gable roof, the next step is to cover the first floor of the kitchen, etc.