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Property Management Companies and what they Do

Posted by sadmin on 17th April 2017
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You may have wondered about the benefits of hiring a property manager. The property manager can offer you a lot of different types of services to make property ownership easier. Here are some things they can do.

Marketing a Property

Marketing a property happens all the time. There is a reputation that certain property management companies have for being a reliable housing provider. Of course, individual landlords can also build their own reputation as they get more experience in dealing with tenants. But if you don’t have the experience right now, starting off with a property manager is a good way to pick up the habits that will lead to a positive following and most of all, fill your properties with tenants.

Finding Tenants

It’s not all that easy to find the right tenants for a property. It’s always a risk, but that risk goes away more and more as you get better at screening. Property managers are well seasoned in screening tenants, both through in-person discussions and background checks. Looking into the background of a tenant could involve checking their employment history, past landlord references, credit checks, and checking personal references. Following a script for in-person showings is a good way to find out more about a potential tenant. If all of this doesn’t sound up your alley or like something you would enjoy doing, hire a property manager to take care of it for you.

Keep an Eye on Maintenance

Maintenance requests come in many forms. There is the need, first of all, to keep the exterior of the property and lawn in good shape. Then, there are cosmetic issues in the property that could come up over time, such as materials that have faded or started to deteriorate. Then, there are the maintenance requests that could pop up over a short time and lead to an emergency. Things like plumbing leaks could not only affect your tenants’ safety but also the lifespan of the building. If you aren’t able to attend to such requests right away, take the weight off of your own shoulders by entrusting this task to a property management company whose job it is to help out your tenants.

Handling Communication

There is a lot of communication that has to be done with a rental property. To start, there is the initial paperwork you come across when signing on a new tenant. Then, there are tenant complaints and maintenance requests. There is the responsibility of communicating with maintenance service companies and letting them onto the property. And there is the inconvenience of potentially being called upon at any moment. If you are are not willing to be available to these kinds of communications at any time, a property manager is a good way to go. An added benefit is that property managers are professionals who offer a high level of customer service as a part of their guarantee.

The best thing about property managers is that they work only on the tasks that you want them to. You might have gotten into real estate because you enjoy certain parts of the job, like remodeling or maintaining a property. But then, you might not have as much expertise in other areas, like finding the right tenants and keeping properties rented out as much as possible. You can handle certain tasks on your own, while you pay only for the tasks that you want to be done by an outside expert. Thus, hiring a property manager is very flexible in terms of expense. It is a great way to ensure that your property is managed with high quality care and service.

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Guest post courtesy of Rooftop Real Estate Management, a property management company in Idaho Falls that services the surrounding areas as well as the properties in the Boise area.