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The Value of Proper Oil Tank Removal

Posted by sadmin on 28th October 2021
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In the event that a residence or business is changing its central heating method, they might find themselves with a heating oil tank that needs to be either abandoned (which is a specific process in itself) or removed altogether. And in some cases, a property owner might find himself or herself inheriting an oil tank that hasn’t even been in use for a long time. If you are faced with either of these situations and are unsure of, it’s important to understand how to correctly and safely go about it. 

Oil tank removal Westchester County NY typically takes several hours. It involves having all of the oil taken out of the tank and then having the tank itself divided into pieces and physically removed. And in the event that the oil tank was sitting under the ground, the last step is to have the soil around it checked for any contaminants. If contamination has occurred, then remediation is recommended for restoring the health of the soil so that healthy plant growth is possible and exposure to oil remains is minimized for people on the property. 

Oil tank abandonment, on the other hand, involves simply removing the top of an oil tank, cleaning it out thoroughly, having it filled with sand or another substance and then tested for potential leaks. This solution then, while a viable option, is naturally less thorough than removal because it leaves the oil tank on the property. 

Removing an oil tank from a property actually raises the value of that property because it is a removal of risks to the environment. However, it is a more involved task than oil tank abandonment, and either option is going to leave your property in better shape than if you simply left the oil tank undealt with and didn’t address it at all.