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Travel the Gulf Coast for Less

Posted by sadmin on 11th May 2019
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The coast stretching from Florida to Texas along the Gulf of Mexico is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. The water is warm, calm and crystal blue; the beaches are comprised of soft, white sand; the food is amazing. Should you wish to explore this part of the world you don’t need to be a millionaire, there are plenty of budget-friendly options for making your way along the coastline.

Avoid Hotels

If you vacation or travel frequently, it’s a good idea to consider investing in an RV or camper. If you aren’t able to own one, they are also available for rent. An amazing way to meander the gulf coast is in your own personal home on wheels, in which you can stay at RV parks and resorts for way less than a typical hotel. Places like the galveston bay rv resort offer plenty of amenities and a beachfront location.

Fish for Your Dinner

Fishing is a popular past time for beach-goers on the gulf. There are lots of yummy edible fish species that available to be caught. Find a pier or set up on the beach with your line and cook what you catch for dinner. That way you won’t be spending lots of money on eating out at restaurants while having fun at the same time. Just make sure you are complying with local fishing regulations and licensing procedures, so plan ahead if you are going to do this.

Stick to the Beach

Now this one is easy. Center all of your recreational activities around the beach- a free endless source of entertainment. The beach is good for swimming, fishing, playing sports, surfing, having picnics, building sandcastles, searching for shells or whatever else you can come up with. Who needs expensive outings like mini golf or water parks when you’ve got the ocean at your fingertips?

Don’t let your budget hold you back from an amazing vacation along the gulf coast. Get creative and live the life of a beach bum!