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What is Shatterproof Glass?

Posted by sadmin on 29th December 2021
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If you are a business owner, you might be interested in unbreakable glass windows. However, various options fall under the category of “unbreakable glass.” The products range from slightly impact-resistant to borderline indestructible.

This article will give a brief description of reinforced glass and how it works. Continue reading to learn what to consider for you and your business.

Laminated Glass for Theft Prevention

Laminated glass is the most common specialty glass West Palm Beach used by businesses and homeowners to prevent intrusion. As the name implies, laminated or shatterproof glass comprises two or more layers of regular glass, with a thin layer of film in between. Shatterproof glass is highly resistant to inclement weather and modest physical force. A determined intruder with the right tools can still penetrate laminated glass, though. Laminated glass is a good prevention tool for minor threats. However, if you are looking for genuinely indestructible glass, most shatterproof glass will not live up to its name. It is merely a more durable option than regular sheet glass.

Polycarbonate Panels for Ballistic Protection

Polycarbonate panels are much more durable than laminated glass. In truth, they are not made of glass at all. Polycarbonate panels are manufactured using a variety of highly durable plastics to form a transparent sheet that can be used in windows and doorways. Some panels are rated to withstand ballistic impact and explosions. For most situations, polycarbonate panels are overqualified for the job. If you want proper protection from almost any high-impact damage, you may want to invest in these powerful windows. However, for most business owners, the standard laminated glass option will do the job just fine.

Protecting your property is a crucial part of owning a business or home. If you are worried about severe weather or intrusion, consider installing unbreakable glass. You can choose from a variety of options depending on your budget and security needs.