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Safety Considerations When Installing a Fire Pit

Posted by sadmin on 7th June 2018
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Outdoor fire pits are timeless pieces of garden architecture which look fantastic and can completely transform your outdoor space. They are great during all times of year and can completely extend the lifespan of your summer BBQ when the night comes around and the air gets cooler. There are very few things better than huddling round a garden’s fire pit with your friends and chatting the night away.
For many people, an outdoor fire pit is a must-have luxury and many American homes with sizeable gardens have them installed. Before you get to the stage of being able to relax around your garden’s fire pit, you have figure out which sort of fire pit you want and then either install one or have one installed for you.
There are some important safety considerations which you need to consider, too.

#1: Install on a Non-Flammable Surface

Installing a fire pit directly onto grass or any other surface which could catch fire is always a terrible idea. Grass is prone to catching fire when exposed to extreme temperatures, especially during the summer or dry times of year, and it is a horrible accident waiting to happen.
You should only have a fire pit installed on a hard, non-flammable surface such as on top of a concrete block or on top of your patio. Also, this may go without saying, but you should ensure your fire pit is in an open space, e.g. not inside a gazebo (or your garage!).

#2: Check Your Surroundings

Are you close to any trees? Trees can be just as flammable – if not more flammable – than grass and you should avoid placing your fire pit near any trees, shrubbery or other greenery.
In addition to this, avoid placing your fire pit near any structures such as a gazebo, your garden shed and your house, and avoid placing any furniture too closely around the fire pit as it could catch fire, especially if your furniture is made from the likes of fabric or wicker.

#3: Keep it Small

They say that less is more and that certainly applies here. Although a big fire pit may look impressive, it is a disaster waiting to happen and will be more of a spectacle than something which can be comfortably sat around.
Keep your fire pit small and modest, that way you reduce the risk of any accidents happening and enable people to enjoy the fire pit without being singed or getting a face full of hot smoke and flames. Smaller fire pits are also easier to handle should something go wrong – it is always a possibility – and are much easier to accommodate furniture around.
A fire pit is a common feature in many an American’s back yard, and they are becoming more and more popular with each passing year. Installing one isn’t difficult, but you should ensure that, if you do, you pay close attention to the above safety considerations and avoid any nasty incidents.

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